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Car Seat Memory Foam Waist Cushion

Car Seat Memory Foam Waist Cushion

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Material: memory foam
Style A: (airbag adjustment): velvet navy blue
Style B: (airbag adjustment): velvet black
Style C: (airbag adjustment): velvet purple
Style D: (airbag adjustment): velvet gray
Style E: (airbag adjustment): velvet brown
Style F: (airbag adjustment): grid dark blue
Style G: (airbag adjustment): grid black
Style H: (airbag adjustment): mesh pink
Style I: (airbag adjustment): grid gray
Style J: (airbag adjustment): grid sky blue
Style K: (without airbag version): velvet navy blue
Style L: (without airbag version): velvet black
Style M: (without airbag version): velvet purple
Style N: (without airbag version): velvet gray
Style O: (without airbag version): velvet brown
Style P: (No airbag version): Grid dark blue
Style Q: (No airbag version): Mesh black
Style R: (No airbag version): Mesh pink
Style S: (No airbag version): Grid gray
Style T: (without airbag version): grid sky blue

Packing list: 1*waist pillow

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